Creative professional with extensive knowledge in all areas of consumer goods design, development and final presentation. Unparalleled combination of skills and experience, including graphic design, web interface design, industrial/package design and product management. Proven success in designing effective product branding through compelling product messaging, persuasive point-of-purchase signage, eye-catching logos, CPG packaging and marketing collateral. 

Samantha Vickers has been commercializing and adding value to consumer focused products for 15+ years.  Samantha's professional career started in 2003, serving as a Designer and Creative Director for a multitude of agencies, retailers and brands internationally. She has worked as a Founder, Design Manager and Principal Design Lead adding value to over hundreds of projects in categories including electronics, consumer goods, food/beverage, housewares, accessories and soft-lines.

Her experience and deep understanding of product-led thinking, end users, marketing, strategy, and manufacturing give her a fully rounded understanding for what it takes to launch a new product or refresh an existing product for commercial growth.

Samantha has 10+ years of experience working directly with Chinese manufacturers and her clients are some of the biggest leaders in their markets including the United States, United Kingdom and Asia. She has helped her clients build and brand iconic products that bring measured return on investment.

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